How Often Should You Change Pets Pads

You can make litter box cleanup easier when you choose Pets pads. These pads absorb cat or dog urine and make it easier to keep your cat’s box clean and fresh.


However, one question many people have is often to change Pets pads. The following guide can help.


High Liquid Capacity


One of the most critical things to know about Pets pads is how much liquid they can hold. This factor will dictate how often you should change Pets pads.


Overall, Pets pads have a large capacity of up to 288 ounces of liquid, ensuring they last longer and don’t require daily changes.


The frequency of pad changes will vary depending on your cat, along with how many cats are in your home. If you have one cat, for instance, these pads can last a week before you need to change it. However, if you have multiple cats, you will likely need to change them every few days.


When to Change the Pad


Once you have a clear picture of how often you should change Pet pads, you will need to pay close attention to your cat’s litter box habits to determine the most appropriate frequency for your cat.


If you start to notice a strong urine smell, it’s time to change the pad. However, if you don’t notice a strong smell by the end of the week, it’s often best to change the pad to prevent overflow. Some cats may require more frequent changes than others.


For instance, if your cat is an outdoor cat and relieves itself outside more often, you may not have to change the pad as often as you would for an indoor cat that solely uses the litter box.

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