How to Train a Dog to Listen

The number one reason why dogs choose not to listen to their owners is consistency.


With all dog training consistency is the key to success. This can sometimes be a minefield in a busy family situation. Ever noticed that your dog may listen to one person in the household but completely ignore the other?


Training a dog is not easy, and some dogs and breeds can pose bigger challenges than others. So, regardless of how well you understand dogs or how much experience you have with dog training, patience is required.


You and your dog are working together to speak the same language, and this takes time and a few mistakes along the way. As you improve your ‘language’ and understanding, your dog will thrive, and you will reap the benefits of working as a team.


If for any reason you are getting frustrated with your dog, end the training session and finish with a fun game to break the tension. Training should be a fun interaction between you and your dog.


If your dog is bored and not enjoying their endless training sessions, they will simply switch off. Training needs to be upbeat and fun. You also have to learn to read your dog’s cues and end the training before they get bored.


The trick is to get your dog excited about listening to you. All good things come to the dog that bounds across the park when you yell “COME”. Keep training sessions regular and short. Always finish with a game or run.


Your tone is also very important to make your dog listen. Again, this comes down to consistency and ensuring you are keeping the same tone in your voice when asking your dog to do something. A low, consistent tone works best.


Sometimes we over-reward our dogs so that they will not listen unless we have a tasty dog treat. Change up your rewards and only use them every few times. Reward your dog with a good pat and attention or even a game, rather than a treat.


Also, ensure you let your dog know immediately that they have done the right thing. This can be a word like ‘yes’ or using a clicker.

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