Successful Recap of Dezhu Pet Participation in China Import and Export Fair


Jiangsu Dezhu Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.rocked the China Import and Export Fair(#135 Canton Fair) from 1st to 5thMay,2024. Our product pet training pads and pet diapers  were big hits.

   The reason why it has been able to stand in the pet industry     for more than 10 years , due to its deep understanding and     insight into the needs of consumers, and transfer these 

   needs into high-quality products


   We've got a team of smart technician who keep up with 

   stylish and know exactly what pets need. 

   That's why our stuff is both practical and innovative.

As a leader in the domestic pet hygiene care industry, we continue to uphold the concept of innovative development, continuously optimize product lines and services, and bring more high-quality choices to consumers.

Looking ahead, Jiangsu Dezhu Pet is sticking to making awesome products that pets and their owners will love.   We're all about keeping up with the times and making you and your furry friends happy!

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