What customers concern Most about pet urine pads

Pet urine pad is a disposable sanitary product specially designed for pet dogs or cats, with super strong water absorption capacity and safe leak-proof PE film. Its main function is to absorb pet excrement and keep the home environment clean and hygienic.

Speaking of pet pee pads,Friends who have raised dogs and cats know that the little ones will occasionally have "accidents" and make the house full of "maps". The water absorption performance of urine pads on the market varies. At this time, a good pet pee pad is particularly important!

So what customers concern MOST about pet urine pads ?

1. The pads are superthin. The absorbency is non-existent.                    2. Sticky Footprint stains are a concern, absorbency is weak.

3. The anti-slip adhesive does not work.                                                   4. The top layer easily separates from the bottom PE film layer .

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